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Welcome to Abbeville Florist & Gifts in beautiful Abbeville, South Carolina.  We can help you with all of your floral needs.  Please look around and contact us with any questions.

About colors…

What do vinegar, baby aspirin, baking soda and pennies have in common?  

All have been said to help keep a fresh flower arrangements looking beautiful longer; but, do they work?  The answer is yes.  

Did you know that simply changing the water and trimming the stems on a daily basis also works?  Fresh cut flowers absorb nutrients in the water.  To help keep your arrangement looking its best, trim the ends of the stems at an angle and change the water daily.  This allows for the maximum absorption of nutrients.  

Just use plain old tap water, do not use filtered or purified water (no nutrients).  Please note: if you have a water softener, be aware that you should use mineral enriched bottled water for your flowers.  The salt used in water softeners will actually harm your flowers.

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